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Water utilities win CHF 25m from Swiss Fund

Four water utilities companies have won about CHF 25 million in support for infrastructure developments from the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme (Swiss Fund).

Borsodvíz won CHF 7.8 million, Ózdi Víz- és Csatornamű won CHF 7.6 million, Nyugat-Nógrád Vízmű won CHF 4.1 million and the local council of Érd won CHF 5.8 million. The grant money will cover 85% of the cost of the investments.

The monies are part of CHF 131 million available to Hungary from the fund until 2012. Decisions have been made or will be soon be made on the recipients of about half of the available funding. About 40% of the total amount will go to underdeveloped regions in the north and northeast of the country.

Switzerland, as a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) but not a member of the EU, earlier decided to make a combined CHF 1 billion in development funding available to all of the ten new EU member states. (MTI-ECONEWS)