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Szalai: media package will stand the test

The elements of the Fidesz media package draft, accepted today, will withstand the constitutional test, said media expert and Fidesz politician Annamária Szalai in a morning show on Duna television channel. Szalai reacted to the opposition's claim that the would forward the legislation to the Constitutional Court.

The majority of the parliament decided on Thursday to establish a national media authority and to bring all the control of the public media under one roof. The opposition parties announced they turned to the Constitutional Court for a stand.

They are free to do that, but I think the package will stand even this test, Annamária Szalai commented on the critical voices in the Friday morning show on Duna television. Szalai, who is responsible for the media in the ruling party added that the first part of the package had already been signed by the president.

Szalai hopes that the current practice in the use of public expenditures will be more effective in the public media, and at the same time, the information flow will also be of higher quality and efficiency. (BBJ)