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Somlóvásárhely in need of aid

Somlóvásárhely, one of the three villages most directly affected by the disaster stemming from the break of a nearby reservoir at an aluminum plant is in need of material assistance.

Earlier, residents lamented that they did not receive sufficient supplies, such as rubber gloves and protective clothing needed for performing the tasks necessary to relive the damages.

István Benda, the town’s clerk told the BBJ that over the past day the situation has improved in this respect thanks to a volume of donations that the settlement received.

However, the troubles are far from being over, as any help that may come is still much appreciated. Benda said Somlóvásárhely now needs fuel, gas and diesel alike, to operate the excavation machines taking part in the rescue effort.

If you’re looking donate, wire the sums to the following account:


Besides Somlóvásárhely, the other villages most heavily affected, Kolontár and Devecser are also in dire need of whatever assistance they can get.

Devecser is receiving donations on the following account:


Kolontár, the first settlement to be flooded is expecting donations at:


If you have the means to send non-financial contributions, all three villages are in need of cleaning products, non-perishable foodstuff and bottled water as well as various construction tools that can be used to repair the damages.