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SkyCourt receives engineering award

SkyCourt, the new central lobby of the terminal 2 of Budapest Airport has received a civil engineering award from the British Institution of Civil Engineers, the Association of Hungarian Consultant Engineers and Architects (TMSz) and the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (MMK).

The Tierney Clark award has been taken by Mihály Varga, president of constructor KÉSZ group. The awarding organizations appreciated the practical functionality, the rational human resources and material use and the esthetical value of SkyCourt, which is still under construction. The all-metal-and-glass building of SkyCourt has been planned by the KÖZTI architect team lead by Zoltán Tima.

SkyCourt is expected to be delivered on February 15, the grand opening is scheduled for March 18.

The Tierney Clark award was established in 2000 to the honor of the British architect by Hungarian engineers and architects. (BBJ)