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Selective waste collection islands to be abolished

The new law on waste management, to be presented to the Parliament before summer, would abolish the current system of waste collection islands, according to a news report by television channel RTL Klub on Tuesday evening. Instead,refuse collection vehicles would go from house to house for selective waste, which is claimed to be a cleaner and cheaper method on the long term.

Zoltán Illés, state secretary responsible for environmental protection, said that the government plans to collect HUF 100 billion from the affected multinational and Hungarian companies. Consumers are already paying the environmental tax included in the price of certain products, but so far companies were exempt from having to transfer this to the state.

The new waste collection system would cost HUF 35 billion, the remaining HUF 65 billion would be spent on environmental projects, including HUF 25 billion for flood protection.

Illés said that the old system of selective waste collection islands doesn’t work as intended. Too few people take the time to take selective waste to the communal points, while others are feeding the surroundings of the containers with trash. The new system would also relieve local councils from the burden of transporting the waste, the cost of which was HUF 1 billion last year in Budapest alone.