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Public Service University to be founded

A National Public Service University will be launched from January, 2012, the government announced on Wednesday, after the Parliament accepted the draft bill.

The Public Service University would be the legal successor of national self defense university Zrínyi Miklós Nemzetvédelmi Egyetem, the police academy Rendőrtiszti Főiskola, and Corvinus University’s public service faculty. The government’s spokesperson explained that the new institution will train professionals who can be the new generation of public service workers.

The government is considering that one of the buildings of the National Public Service University could move to Ludovika Akadémia, which “has been undeservedly neglected in the past decades”. Currently the Natural History Museum is based in the building of Ludovika Akadémia, and the museum has spent hundreds of millions of forints on reconstructing its buildings to be suitable to accommodate high-standard exhibitions.