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Number of job-seekers falls to 673,600 in February

The number of registered job-seekers in Hungary fell more than 10,000 from the previous month to 673,600 in February, while the number of new jobs announced in the country during the month rose more than 23%, fresh data published by the National Employment Service (NFSz) show.

The number of job-seekers at the end of February was up 2.2%, or 14,600, from the same period a year earlier.

Almost 26.6% of the job-seekers had looked for employment for more than a year at the end of February, up 0.4 percentage points from one month earlier. Their number, 179,000, was up 7.1% yr/yr.

According to seasonally-adjusted data, the number of registered job-seekers was 606,900, down 21,800 from the previous month.

The number of new jobs announced in February rose 23.1%, or more than 8,000, from the previous month to 45,600. The number of new jobs was up 82.7%, or more than 20,000 yr/yr.

Around 70.8% of the new jobs were subsidized in some form by the state.