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National Consumer Protection Association urges inquiry as Volksbank Hungary increases charges

The National Federation of Associations for Consumer Protection (FEOSZ) is to make a complaint to the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF) about the increase in Volksbank Hungary's retail and corporate banking charges.

The bank will raise the annual and issuance fees of bank and credit cards, ATM cash withdrawal, transaction fees and current account service charges from March 10.

FEOSZ is concerned that, with the increase, the bank is trying to shift bank tax to its costumers so it urges an investigation by PSZÁF, Edit Kispál of FEOSZ told on Inforádió yesterday. Feosz worries that other banks will follow Volksbank's example.
Regarding the changes, Volksbank noted the new fees and charges don't exceed the average level of Hungarian banks. (BBJ)