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London-based PR company to communicate Hungary restructuring to intl players

Hungary's Balassi Institute, which is overseen by the Public Administration and Justice Ministry, has signed a two-month contract with a London-based international communications company to raise Hungary's economic and political profile and make the country more attractive for investors, the State Secretariat for Government Communications said on Monday.

The Balassi Institute signed the HUF 32 million contract with Project Associates UK Limited. The partners also decided to involve London-based political and financial consultancy Financial Dynamics with the task.

International communications are “very important” as international players must be informed, from the source, of restructuring the country is undergoing, the secretariat said. “The government does not wish to do this by taking political detours, but through a deliberate, transparent, strategic cooperation,” it added.

The agency will assist with the creation of broad government communications strategies and reach brand-building goals. It will also undertake international investor and financial communications with the aim of “favorably influencing the formation of Hungary's assessment among money market institutions and investors”.