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Job seekers' flexibility is a key factor in finding a job, study says

The recession has changed job seekers' expectation and priorities, a study by made with 280 000 registered users reveals. The decline in job offers and massive lay-offs in 2009 have caused job hunters to fight for the remaining positions as well as adjust their expectations. Under the current economic circumstances, job seekers' flexibility has become a key factor in finding a job, the study revealed. More people are looking for a job outside their field than earlier. The willingness to work at lower level positions has also grown. Administrative, sales and customer service positions have particularly been popular. Job seekers are more open to alternative working forms as well. There are more job seekers from the fields of engineering and accountancy as a result of an increased higher education output, the study says.
In terms of location, the capital area's popularity continued to rise in 2010, as job seekers hope to earn more in Budapest. Interest in working abroad grew in 2009, but returned to 2008 level in 2010.
The number of registered job seekers has increased dramatically from 2008 to 2009. While in the past ten years monthly fluctuation in their number was an average 10 000-30 000, in 2009 it has reached 100 000. In the meantime, the registered number of jobs fell drastically: from a monthly average of 32775 in 2008, it fell to 26 388 in 2009. 2010 figures were close to those of 2008. (BBJ)