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Hungary eyes World Games bid

Hungary’s long-nurtured plans to host the Summer Olympics is still far away, but the country may have a better chance to attract another major sporting occasion, the International World Games.

The IWG is likewise held every four years and gives a contest opportunity for athletes in sports that are not included in the Olympics agenda like aikido, sumo, surfing, indoor hockey or beach handball. The idea of Hungary’s bid for organizing the 2017 gathering was raised by head of the national sport association NSSz, György Gémesi.

The earlier calculations for a Budapest Summer Olympics in 2020 found that organization would cost HUF 518 billion, while a PricewaterhouseCoopers study showed that building the necessary supporting infrastructure would consume HUF 4,654 billion.

The World Games in contrast would only take roughly HUF 10 billion according to Gémesi, since its hosting rights do not necessarily stipulate the construction of new facilities. (Index)