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Hungarian villages to launch EU-funded wastewater investment

The city of Nagykanizsa (W Hungary) and 12 nearby villages signed contracts on Friday for a HUF 11.1 billion, EU-funded renovation and expansion of their sewage-treatment network, Nagykanizsa Regional Wastewater Coalition President Nándor Tóth announced.

EU funding will pay for 71.7% of the cost of the project, while government support will pay for 12.7% of the investment and the communities involved will pay for the remaining 15.6%.

The SZK Kanizsa Konzorcium and the S-E Nagykanizsa Konzorcium won a combined HUF 6.8 billion public tender to expand the wastewater-treatment network in Nagykanizsa and the communities of Bocska, Eszteregnye, Fityeház, Fűzvölgy, Homokkomárom, Hosszúvölgy, Magyarszerdahely, Magyarszentmiklós, Rigyac, Semjénhaza, Szepetnek and Zalaszentbalázs, while the MAHIR-Monday consortium won a HUF 35 million public tender to carry out marketing operations related to the project. The winners of a HUF 2.5 billion tender for renovation of the Nagykaniza wastewater-treatment plant and a HUF 393 million tender for engineering work will be determined later.

The investment is expected to take two and a half years to complete. (MTI-Econews)