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Figyelő publishes list of top 100 Hungarian companies

The protracted economic crisis has caused a realignment among Hungary's top 100 companies, according to the list published on Thursday by Figyelő, the precursor of Figyelő's TOP 200 list due to be published in October.

The top 100 companies' list, based on sales revenue, includes 19 entries, 8 companies that jumped more than ten places higher - including Jabil Circuit and pharmaceutical company Richter - and 16 companies that fell more than ten places in the ranking. The list has been compiled by Dun and Bradstreet.

The top ten companies are the same as last year with the exception of new entrant Nokia Komárom, which made its debut at second place after MOL, which has been leading the list for years. Analysts had expected the Finnish multinational company's Hungarian subsidiary at this place anyway, however, the company would not provide any figures in earlier years, but now the corporate data are publicly available on the internet.

Audi, which took second place earlier, finished third this year. The biggest advance among the top ten was made by General Electric, which moved from 7th place to 4th.

The figures show that while the GDP contracted 6.3% last year, the top 100 companies saw their revenue shrink 9.3%. The performance of the energy sector, in particular, which accounts for one-third of the GDP, declined 11%.

In terms of the number of employees, the biggest companies proved resistant to the crisis, employing only 241 fewer workers than one year earlier.

The list shows that the vehicle industry has lost more than 30% of its market in one year, while metal processing suffered an even steeper decline of 44.5%. (MTI-ECONEWS)