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Electronic road fee to generate twice as much as vignettes

An electronic road fee the government wants to introduce from 2013 is expected to generate an annual HUF 100 billion, well over the yearly HUF 47 billion in motorway vignette sales at present, National Economy Ministry state secretary András Kármán said, business news portal reported.

The electronic road fee, based on distance travelled rather than a time period, is part of a structural reform package unveiled by the government on Tuesday.

Revealing further details of the Széll Kálmán plan, Kármán said sick pay would be reduced and the maximum period Hungarians are eligible for job-seeker support would be shortened. Drug prices will be referenced to international standards at the National Health Fund, he added.

Assets transferred from private pension funds of members returning to the state pension pillar will be used to take over HUF 300 billion in debt of state-owned railway company MÁV, he said. The debt will not be taken over until MÁV presents a business strategy, he added.

The Széll Kálmán plan calls for a review of all fare discounts at MÁV expect for those for pensioners and children, Kármán said.