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Budapest to spend HUF 24 bln on road renovation

According to the draft budget of the municipality, Budapest would spend HUF 24.2 billion on road and bridge renovations, news portal wrote.

According to the plans, the budget earmarks HUF 7.3 billion for road works, and HUF 16.8 billion for bridge renovations. Last year the municipality spent HUF 7.4 billion on road renovations, and HUF 15 billion on bridge reconstruction.

The city is planning to renovate, in addition to several main roads and squares, several underpasses and road bridges in the capital in 2011. Also this year, the municipality’s program includes the renovation of the overpass over the Ferihegy expressway, spending HUF 150 million on the works. Plans include the renovation of the city’s traffic control system for HUF 52 million.

The municipality has also drawn up plans for the road renovation program of the next three years, earmarking HUF 100 million for the purpose.