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Budapest to charge Sziget Festival organisers for use of land

The local council of Budapest has decided it will no longer allow the organisers of the Sziget Festival, the capital's biggest summer music festival, use of an island in the Danube free of charge but will ask for a fee, deputy mayor István György said at a press conference on Tuesday.

In the city's new budget plan, waiving fees for the use of city assets must be justified, György said. Naturally, there will be events "that appropriately serve the public interest" for which the fee could be waived, but Sziget Festival does not belong to this category, he added.

The fee for using city property will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the area that is used, he said.

The Sziget Festival's organiser is a unit of, a media and IT company traded on the Budapest Stock Exchange. (MTI Econews)