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ZARE national coordinator appointed

The British Embassy has appointed Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány as the National Coordinator of the new music-based anti-racism campaign Zene a rasszizmus ellen (ZARE).

The appointment came after a strongly contested application process in which a number of individuals and organisations from Hungary's civil society put themselves forward as potential national coordinators. This is evidence that there is strong interest in finding new ways to fight racist attitudes in Hungary. The campaign will be launched officially at the Zero Day of this year's Sziget Festival on 11 August with an all-day concert under the ZARE banner. Many of Hungary's top bands will play alongside a specially assembled British group made up of artists associated with the British anti-racism campaign Love Music Hate Racism.

This is the first time that a music-based anti-racism campaign has been tried in Hungary. Similar campaigns have already proved successful in UK, Sweden and Poland in drawing the attention of music fans of all ages to the dangers of racism.

The idea of importing the concept to Hungary came from the British Embassy. Ambassador Greg Dorey said: "Love Music Hate Racism more recently, and Rock Against Racism in the 1970s have helped fight against racism in British society. Hungary is a nation of music lovers with many great bands playing regularly to large numbers of fans - many at an impressionable age. There is no reason why some of those bands should not emulate what has happened in Britain where many of the artists most popular with young people have lead by example - showing their fans that racism is not only morally wrong, but also deeply uncool"

Speaking for Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány, Marcell Lőrincz expressed his pleasure to be granted such an opportunity: "We are honoured to have been chosen as national coordinators for this campaign. We have been following the work of LMHR and now we will get the chance to strengthen our own work with this new activity. We believe in the success of the ZARE campaign and are very much looking forward to our co-operation with the British Embassy.

Among the first tasks of the National Coordinator will be to build a network of music industry contacts and supporters across Hungary. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact the National Coordinator through the new ZARE website. News of more musical events and ZARE activities will soon follow, via that forum.