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Zalakerámia temporarily suspends production at two units

Hungarian tile maker Zalakerámia is to suspend production at two of its units, in Romhány and Tófej, for four weeks from the end of this month, the company told MTI.

The company said the temporary stoppage was necessary because refinancing talks with the creditor banks have not yet been concluded.

The financial situation of Zalakerámia, owned by the Austrian Lasselsberger, remains uncertain. Workers have been paid in cash for months and the company has been unable to pay social-security contributions.

Econews reported earlier that Zalakerámia's creditors called off their loans and froze the company's bank accounts in December following financial troubles at the Austrian parent company.

The company said the management and the owner's representatives are working toward a resolution of the financing problems and continuing talks with the banks. (MTI – Econews)