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Yingke Várnai opened new office in Verona

Yingke Várnai, the world’s first Chinese-International law firm, opened its new branch office in Verona, and they are planning to start new agencies in other Italian, Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Belgian cities this year, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.

Yingke Várnai opened its new branch office, Yingke Várnai Luzi Crivellini & Associates in Verona on March 1, closely after founding its headquarters in Budapest in September, 2010. Dr. Rupert Várnai, managing partner of the Yingke Várnai headquarters commented on the event saying that the opening of the Verona office comes as a response to world market demands, and added that it will be followed by the launch of 10 offices worldwide in the coming year.