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Wienerberger plant to wait to restart production

In spite of the lifting of restrictions on some big gas consumers, the Hungarian unit of Austrian brick maker Wienerberger will not restart production at its plant in Bátaszék until gas supply returns to normal, plant director István Szabó told MTI.

Wienerberger Téglaipari shut down production at all three of its operating plants on Wednesday after gas transmission company FGSz introduced restrictions on gas consumption for “category I” consumers that use more than 2,500 cubic meters of gas per hour on Tuesday and “category II” consumers that use 500-2,500 cubic meters per hour on Wednesday. The restrictions on category II consumers - the plant is in category II as it uses 1,350 cubic meters of gas per hour - were lifted on Thursday morning, however Hungary's minister in charge of energy affairs Csaba Molnár said they could be reintroduced later.

The restrictions were introduced after gas deliveries to Hungary via Ukraine were halted.

As long restrictions can be reintroduced, we will wait to start up the plant until there is a continuous supply of the full amount of gas necessary, Szabó said.

The plant, which normally produces 500 tons of bricks a day, is losing a daily HUF 11 million – HUF 12 million. (MTI – Econews)