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Wheat harvest 95% complete

Wheat harvest in Hungary has nearly been completed, with an average yield of 4.1 tons per hectare but varying widely due to poor results in flood-stricken areas, a senior agriculture ministry official told reporters on Tuesday.

The demand for Hungarian wheat has increased due to the poor harvest results in Poland and Ukraine, State Secretary Zoltán Gőgös said. He said farmers are not expected to offer wheat for intervention store, considering the good prices they are being offered on the market. He estimated the volume of harvested maize at 8 million tons, and noted that maize would not only be used for feed, but for making bioethanol as well. Farmers have been harvesting wheat from 1.082 million hectares of land sown, and 95% of the work is done, State Secretary Fülöp Benedek said. He noted that the 4.1 ton yield per hectare was below the average of the previous five years, and was 0.3 tons less per hectare than in 2005 alone. The total volume of grain to be harvested this year is expected to stand at 6.6 million tons, half-a-million tons less than in 2005.