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Volvo recalls 65,000 vehicles

Sweden's automaker Volvo said it will recall 65,000 cars for a problem with side-impact air bags.

The recall affects 2008 models such as the V70 and XC70 and they were sold primarily in Europe, Volvo Cars spokeswoman Maria Bohlin said in a statement.

The cars' so-called “inflatable curtains” did not deploy as quickly as designed in a European safety test in the winter, due to a software problem, she said.

Volvo will recall the cars to fine-tune the software that triggers the release of the air bags, Bohlin said, adding that the company will send letters to all the owners of the affected cars and tell them to take the car to a mechanic to get this upgrade.

Volvo Cars has been owned by US Ford Motor Co. since 1999. (Xinhua)