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Volan companies call tender for HUF 1.45 billion in loans

Five regional units of state-owned bus company Volan have called a tender to borrow a combined HUF 1.45 billion to buy vehicles in the latest issue of the Public Procurement Gazette.

Borsod Volan seeks to borrow HUF 1.344 billion, Agria Volan HUF 600m, Hatvani Volan HUF 360m, Matra Volan HUF 600m and Nograd Volan HUF 1.548 billion.

The buses purchased are to serve as collateral for the ten-year loans.

The deadline for bidding is June 6. Banks picked for the second round of the tender will be announced on June 15.

The bus purchases are being made within the framework of the Hungarian Development Bank's (MFB) public transport development loan program.