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Volán bus company issues tender for buses and credit

Hungary's state-owned regional bus company Volán has issued negotiated tenders for 114 new buses, 132 used buses and HUF 7.4 billion in credit, the latest issue of the Public Procurement Gazette reveals.

Volán's tender for 114 new buses calls for the bidder to deliver 46 articulated low-floor buses, 35 long non-articulated low-floor buses and 33 regular-length non-articulated low-floor buses.

The company's tender for 132 uses buses calls for the bidder to lease and maintain buses in nine communities in the Budapest metropolitan area.

Volán's tender for HUF 7.4 billion in credit calls for the bidder to provide the loans in three installments – HUF 3.3 billion in the first installment, HUF 1.6 billion in the second and HUF 2.5 billion in the third. The tender stipulates that the amount of the credit may be raised by a maximum of 10%.

The deadline for submission of bids in the credit tender is January 15, while that for submission of bids in the bus tenders is January 25. Negotiations with bidders in the bus tenders will take place on March 11.