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Vodafone to start offering landline services

The Hungarian unit of Vodafone will start offering landline services in addition to mobile phone services from Monday, the company announced on Friday.

Vodafone Magyarország Zrt said the rates it will offer subscribers would be lower than those of other landline companies. Subscribers may either use their conventional landline phone for the service, or sign up for a special handset which functions as a cordless phone at home and a mobile phone away from home. Vodafone is buying the landline capacity for the service from Invitel Zrt.
About 2 million Hungarians are Vodafone mobile clients. According to figures from the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH), Vodafone controls 21.3% of Hungary's mobile phone subscriber market, making it third among three companies providing wireless services in the country. Vodafone was the last mobile service provider to enter the market, having started up seven years ago.