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Vodafone Magyarorszag CEO to step down but remain chairman

Gyorgy Beck is stepping down as CEO of Vodafone Magyarorszag as part of restructuring at the company, the unit of UK mobile service provider Vodafone said on Thursday.

Beck will continue to be the company's chairman and will work on building relationships with outside partners as well as lobbying activities in the future.

Beck, who has been the operative head of Vodafone Magyarorszag for five years, will step down as CEO on October 1.

Beck said Diego Massidda would be his successor.

Massidda is currently director of the video and connected home division of the Vodafone Group and of Vodafone's unit in Germany.

Under Beck's watch at Vodafone Magyarorszag, the parent company set up a financial services center in Miskolc (NE Hungary in 2007 and a regional customer service centre in the same city in 2009.

Mr Beck was appointed chairman of Vodafone Magyarorszag in March 2010.

Before coming to Vodafone, Beck was CEO of HP Magyarorszag, of Compaq Central Eastern Europe and of Digital Magyarorszag.

Vodafone Magyarorszag has more than 2.6m clients. Including the financial and service centers in Miskolc, Vodafone employs more than 2,000 people in Hungary.