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Vodafone Magyarország builds up network

Vodafone Magyarország is investing a nine-digit euro figure in its network, CEO György Beck said at a press conference.

The investment involves creating a fourth-generation network using elements of Vodafone Magyarország's existing 2G and 3G networks, as well as building 400 new base stations, Beck said. As a result, Vodafone Magyarország's high-speed mobile internet coverage rate will reach 99% by next spring or summer, and speeds will double, he added.

China's Huawei is supplying equipment for the network which it will manufacture in Hungary.

Vodafone Magyarország's parent, the UK's Vodafone, will finance the investment.

High-speed mobile internet is available to about 60% of Hungary's population at present. Demand for the service is on the rise because of the growing popularity of smart phones and portable personal computers.