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VMware partners with Avnet in Hungary

Increasing demand for cost-saving solutions led Hungarian IT company Avnet to partner with virtualization solutions provider VMware for distribution.

For the last five years there’s been increasing demand for VMware’s products in the Hungarian market, that is expected to further increase by the growing demand for cost-saving solutions. Therefore the company is to triple its turnover in the next 18-24 months.  “It was important to choose a distributor in Hungary with proper technical background and a history of partnerships with multinational companies,” said Thomas Huber, regional manager at VMware for system engineers of CEEMEA region. “Avnet can help us increase the awareness of our products in the Hungarian technology market, and last, but not least financial stability was also a key decision points in these tough economic times,” he added.

Avnet Technology Solutions closed a successful financial year in 2009, it reached a record high revenue of HUF 10 billion, exceeding expectations of its American parent company being the most effective and “eminent” member among the worldwide branches.

Avnet thinks the way out of crisis is definitely a way forward, offering more complex solutions and expanding our presence throughout the continent. “Mapping out our long term business strategy, one of the most important elements of the portfolio became the distribution of Vmware as it offers a highly effective cost saving solution and the possibility of dynamic growth,” says Péter Bartha, managing director of Avnet. With the distribution, Avnet can offer its business clients complex packages of virtualization and backup solutions. “We believe the future of IT systems is to get cheaper, simpler and more flexible,” Bartha said. (BBJ Online)