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Vajna to introduce plans to reform film industry within 90 days

Hungary’s recently appointed government commissioner in charge of reforming the film profession has promised to present plans for a new film financing system within 90 days.

Andrew G. Vajna said at the Cinema Total forum at the 61st International Film Festival in Berlin that he was asked to prepare a rational film financing system from the money available and creating a framework that meets all legal requirements, the MTI reports.

“Hungary is a small country with a small language so the possibilities are limited but it is most important that filmmakers should promote Hungarian culture both at home and abroad,” Vajna said.

Earlier in February, nine famous Hungarian film directors protested in a statement against the government's planned changes to the film industry. The filmmakers have criticized the government's plans for what they described as “building a centralized system controlled by a single person”, and said the new system would “jeopardize the variety of Hungarian film” and destroy Hungary's film industry. (BBJ)