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Unilever Multifrozen inaugurates HUF 100 mln ice cream warehouse

Unilever Multifrozen on Saturday inaugurated a HUF 100 million freezer warehouse for ice cream in Veszprem (NW Hungary).

Unilever Multifrozen, a unit of Unilever subsidiary Algida, is one of six wholesalers of Algida products in Hungary, said Algida Central European director Csaba Burjanto.

Unilever Multifrozen supplies business partners in western Hungary, mainly around Lake Balaton.

Unilever's ice cream plant in Veszprem turns about 75% of Algida brand products and 92% of these are exported to Western Europe,  Burjan said. A HUF 3 billion investment at the plant started in 2009 and is expected to be completed after two years. It will raise capacity at the plant from an annual 45 million -55 million liters of ice cream to 80 million -90 million, requiring a 30% increase in headcount.

Unilever's Hungarian unit, Unilever Magyarorszag, employs 450 people at three plants. The unit generated revenue of more than HUF 70 billion in 2010 and expects turnover to be about the same in 2011.