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Two millionth Suzuki rolls off line in Hungary

The two millionth vehicle rolled off the line at Suzuki's base in Hungary on Thursday

The red Suzuki Swift was driven by Zsolt Gyulay, deputy head of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Suzuki is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its plant in Esztergom (N Hungary) this year.

Magyar Suzuki CEO Hisashi Takeuchi said the parent company had not taken a single forint of profit out of the country in those years, adding that it had invested EUR 1.29 billion, that is HUF 347 billion, during the period.

"I can say with assurance that our company is a Hungarian business," he said.

Magyar Suzuki employs 3,400 people but 18,000 people work for its primary suppliers and another 32,600 jobs at 84 companies are there thanks to Suzuki, Hisashi Takeuchi said. These 40,000 jobs account for about 1% of all workplaces in Hungary, he added.

Suzuki's revenue from exports reaches an annual EUR 1.4 billion or 2% of Hungary's total exports. Cars made at the plant in Esztergom are delivered to 45 countries around the world, the farthest being New Zealand.

Several Hungarians who have qualified for the London Summer Olympics were present at the ceremony in Esztergom on Thursday.

Magyar Suzuki is supporting the work of the Hungarian Olympic Committee with 50 vehicles over four years until the London Summer Olympics.

Hungary's plans HUF 3,000 billion of road construction till 2027 Hungary plans to build 2,900km of roads at a cost of HUF 3,000 billion in the next two European Union budget periods till 2027, National Development Ministry state secretary Pal Volner said on Thursday.

About 500 of the 2,900km will be motorways and 1,000km will be expressways, Volner said. An annual HUF 160 billion will be spent on building the roads in the first seven-year budget period, until 2020, and a yearly HUF 210 billion will be spent after that, he added.