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TriGranit mulls taking Metropolis from Slovakia

Hungary-based CE European property developer TriGranit said it may bring its planned €1.5-billion Metropolis development to Hungary from Slovakia if it gets further delayed there, daily Napi Gazdaság reported.

If authorities in Bratislava continue to thwart the project, we will move the development to the other side of the border in the Rajka-Bezenye area, said Gábor Zászlós, TriGranit chief representative in Slovakia.

The Hungarian-owned property group last October announced building a massive entertainment, commercial and conference center on a 30-hectare site south of Bratislava, Slovakia's capital.

The plans originally included a 27,000-sqm casino complex, which since has been downsized to 19,000 sqm, after the local Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) party collected over 100,000 signatures protesting against the investment. (Napi Gazdaság)