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Travel agents lost €30,000 due to volcano

A recent survey conducted among the members of the Association of Hungarian Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MUISZ) shows that the eruption of the Icelandic volcano left the travel agent market relatively unaffected.

Fortunately to the travelers and agents alike, only a small number of Hungarians were forced to stay in their foreign destinations after the Icelandic volcano eruption and the closure of the Budapest airport. The low number (due mainly to low season) meant less losses for the companies, as it turned out from a quick survey conducted by MUISZ.

Only 10 of the respondents said they had definite losses: one of them because of cancelled conferences and the rest because of their clients’ „prolonged holidays.” The cost of lodging and sometimes transportation of these travelers added up to the cancellations, resulting in about €30,000 of losses altogether. Travel agents are not required to reimburse the total losses of the clients, such as the extra costs for additional days of lodgings, only the fees paid. However, the agencies in the report assumed these costs for maintaining loyalty. (BBJ Online)