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Traffic running smoothly in spite of strike at Budapest airport

Employees at the Ferihegy international airport in Budapest continued to strike for a sixth day on Monday, though passenger traffic was reported to be flowing smoothly at the airport in spite of the work stoppage.

Hungarian airline Malév announced on Sunday that it would cancel 12 of its flights on Monday, while one flight from Italian airline Alitalia did not depart on Monday morning.

Unions representing Ferihegy employees are demanding that the operator Budapest Airport (BA) discontinue its restructuring program, preserve its workforce at present strength and sign a new collective contract.

BA spokesman Domokos Szollár told MTI that passenger traffic was proceeding regularly at both the 2A and 2B terminals at Ferihegy airport on Monday morning.

Szollár noted that the BA is publishing information regarding Monday-morning Ferihegy flights on the company's website. (MTI – Econews)