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Toyota Motor Europe opens new parts center in Czech Republic

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) inaugurated its new parts center in Krupka, the Czech Republic, as announced on its media website.

The new facility, which represents an investment of €13.3 million ($19 million), will enhance the delivery of service parts and accessories to some 250 Toyota and Lexus retailers in the Czech Republic and Eastern Germany. Toyota Parts Centre Czech Republic (TPCCZ) is TME’s 16th parts center, creating 50 new jobs and contributing an additional 12,000 cubic meter in warehouse space. It marks the second major expansion of Toyota’s European parts network this year, following the opening of its newly expanded European parts center in Diest, Belgium, in June.

“The motivation behind this investment is clear: as demand for Toyota and Lexus vehicles grows, our parts and service network must also expand. As we approach our 11th consecutive year of record growth, this facility plays an important role in helping us satisfy our growing customer base in Europe.” said Tadashi Arashima President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe’s. (