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Top200 account for 42% of all corporate revenue in Hungary

Hungary's top 200 revenue-generating companies accounted for 42% of all corporate revenue in Hungary last year, according to business weekly Figyelő's Top200 list, prepared with data from research company Ecostat and consultancy Dun and Bradstreet.

The top 200 generated revenue of Ft 21,685 billion (€81.8 billion) in 2005. The 22 companies at the top of the list generated just as much revenue as the remaining 178.
The top five companies on the list were oil and gas company Mol Nyrt, car maker Audi Hungaria Motor Kft, Hungary's incumbent telco Magyar Telekom Nyrt, GE Hungary Zrt and Philips Hungary Kft. OEM Flextronics Kft was the only company to lose its place in the top five, slipping from third place in 2004 to tenth.
The latest Top 200 list contains just 16 new names compared to the previous annual ranking. Emfesz Kft, which organizes many of the sales on Hungary's deregulated gas market, improved the most, boosting its position to 52nd from 149th. The year was not so good for Avon Cosmetics Kft, whose position slipped to 175th from 29th.
Combined pre-tax profits of the Top200 rose 22% to Ft 1,300 billion from 2004 to 2005. Just 30 of the Top200 firms closed 2005 with losses. Average return on net assets was 14%. At the same time, the Top200 paid Ft 30 billion less corporate tax than a year before, or about Ft 100 billion. In terms of exports, Mol was in the lead, followed by Audi Hungaria, GE Hungary, Philips and Flextronics.
The Top200 employed 400,000 people last year.