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Top 5 priorities for selecting a private health care provider

More and more company executives realize the motivation potential of the extra benefits, especially that of providing health care for the employees. However, selecting the proper service provider can be a tough business decision where price is not the only thing that should be considered. A series of aspects selected by Buda Health Center is here to give an idea of what to look for.

1. Reliable professional and technological background

In a private health care institution the wide range of specialties, the number or background of professionals guarantee the completeness and high quality. The personnel regularly goes to trainings and expand their knowledge about their specialties, and are also have international contacts to be up-to-date in the latest scientific findings. An indispensable element of a quality service is the high quality technological background: thanks to the latest methods and the internationally acknowledged medical instruments, the examinations take less time and results get ready sooner. Another aspect is whether an institution has an in-patient unit, since some checkups can only be done in the hospital.

2. Client-based service structure

In order to get high quality service, doctors and nurses must meet a certain set of criteria during selection. Professionality in knowledge and performance is a standard, but the adaptability to an institution’s structural culture is also an important aspect. Politeness, patience, empathic behavior and good communication skills are also basics. With a simple survey among patients the level of quality can be monitored and the service can be constantly tailored to the patients’ needs. In the case of the enterprises, the health care provider must regularly inform the contracted partner about actual checkups, legal obligations and seasonal sicknesses or epidemic situations. Human resource units or other dedicated contacts must get a regular written update about the results of the occupational health care services.

3. Complex informatics and client management system

Upgraded IT and CRM background and a completely digital document and data management has an important role in the operation of a private health care institution, regarding patient data, checkup results, contracted partners, authorizations or billing. The right CRM system can add value to the flawless operation of institutional processes and the complacency of patients and enterprises. Scheduling an appointment must be available by phone as well, which demands a separate dispatcher service after a certain number of patients. The latest technology makes it possible to send a reminder to the patient about the appointment on their mobiles right after the talk and a day before the checkup.

4. Standardized service processes

For the patients, it is ensuring if the service provider bears a quality insurance system that meets the international standars. This way a steady level of service can be offered that is measured objectively and checked by insource and outsource audits. An ISO system can be complemented by a certificate of the Hungarian Health Care Standard as well. It is useful to have a dedicated job for the quality insurance tasks.

5. Quality care

Personalized care is especially important for health care providers: for a successful treatment it is obligatory to survey the individual needs and to follow up on the patients. A fixed price list can assure partners that everyone gets the same high and steady quality. All test results should be kept confidential: no information about personal data or findings should be given to a third party without the consent of the patient. The results of the screens must be mailed in complete discrecy to the patient’s address.

High quality service also includes a 24/7 availability and an emergency care. Discrete and elegant environment gives patients the feeling of well-being and builds trust between them and their doctor. Wireless internet access, the necessary amount of parking places and accessibility by public transport are some of the features that a modern private institution must have. (BBJ Online)