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Tigáz obtains license for Budapest, Pest County

Regional gas supplier Tigáz (NE Hungary) has obtained a universal service provider's license for Budapest and Pest County from the Hungarian Energy Office, the company said on Monday.

Tigáz currently supplies natural gas to 1.2m consumers including 400,000 in Pest County. The license allows the company to gain new consumer groups.

Tigáz acquired consumers from the service area of Főgáz after the Hungarian Energy Office suspended in early January the activity of troubled gas supplier Emfesz for 90 days, designating other service providers to take over Emfesz' clients for the time of the suspension.

As a result of the outcome of the resulting price competition, Tigáz serves former Emfesz-customers in Főgáz' service area and Főgáz supplies gas to former Emfesz-customers in Tigáz' service area at a price lower than the centrally regulated maximum price in force in the given area until April 13.

In possession of the extended universal service provider's license, Tigáz's service is accessible to all consumers in the entire area of Budapest and Pest county following April 13.