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Three million registration tickets in first month

State-owned railway companies MÁV-Start and GySEV as well as state-owned bus company Volán issued more than 3 million "registration tickets" in March, tickets issued to travelers eligible for a 100% price discount, government spokesman Domokos Szollár said on Thursday.

Passengers aged over 65 used 85%-90% of the registration tickets, which were introduced to help reassess the system of fare discounts. The bulk of the registration tickets were used for traveling fewer than 20km.

Szollár said the government paid HUF 333 billion last year to subsidize intercity community transport.

Passengers entitled to free transport - young children, senior citizens and MÁV and Volán employees - have been required since March 1 to obtain a registration ticket in order to make it possible to make an accurate survey of the number of passengers.

The spokesman said registration tickets accounted for 15%-20% of all tickets in the first month. (MTI-ECONEWS)