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The year of petrol chemistry

An enthusiastic Hungarian company TVK head talks about an outstanding buiness year and his hopes for the future of his company.

2007 must have been the best year in petrol chemistry in this decade bringing record profits for TVK – said TVK Nyrt CEO Árpád Olvasó. The company used most of its profits to pay back loans for petrol chemistry development projects finished in 2005. This year the demand for polymer products was quite high. There was a price drop in October but producers intend to raise prices again due to growing oil prices. The market for TVK’s main product, HDTP (high density polyethylene) is expanding but the output of new factories in the Middle-East is growing at a higher rate. TVK is not concerned about this tendency as these factories mainly target China. Petrol chemistry has learned how to operate with high oil prices – said Olvasó. (Napi Gazdaság)