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The BBJ’s Style in Business award

Through its Style in Business award, the BBJ would like to call attention to outstanding leaders who, in addition to having achieved excellent professional and business results in their own fields, have also created values and qualities that could serve as an example to all of us.

The reporters of the Budapest Business Journal have selected these people with the aid of professional organizations, based on the results of a representative survey among our readers, and recommended them to a board of professionals.

In the case of company leaders and entrepreneurs, the board primarily assessed the outstanding and long-term business achievements of nominees, as well as their personal contribution to these. In the case of diplomats, the board considered the aid they provided to entrepreneurs and their efforts for developing business between the two countries.

Board members have also reviewed the activities of nominees on behalf of society, the environment, young career starters, the propagation of culture, patronage of arts and the establishment of better living conditions, which has set them apart from other leading personalities.

The board assessed the business and social accomplishments of three candidates in each of the six categories and selected the most laudable nominees through a vote.

The Budapest Business Journal was honored to present the Style in Business award to:


HMA John Nichols, British Ambassador in Budapest.

His successful efforts in fostering investments of British companies in Hungary and his outstanding and noble activities for propagating Hungarian culture, gastronomy and wines set an example to us all.

The award was presented by Lorenzo Bonacchi, Managing Director of Dorottya Kft.


Mr. Ove Fredheim, CEO of Pannon GSM Rt.

In addition to the results of Pannon GSM in the telecom business, the remarkable growth and user-oriented activities of the company, its assuming social responsibility and its support of various groups of Hungarian society, both financially and through the power of publicity, have all created a business style that serve as a model to any business in Hungary.

The award was presented to Pannon GSM’s Corporate Communication Director Dóra Somlyai by BBJ Editor in Chief Adrienne Kurcz.


Fashion designer Kati Zoób.

Besides her business achievements and outstanding artistic and management activities, we also wished to acknowledge the way she advanced the worldwide fame of Hungarian creativity and aided the career of young talents both locally and internationally.

The award was presented by stylist Miklós Schiffer.


Mr. Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, Chairman of the Budapest Stock Exchange.

His outstanding business achievements, courageous stand for protecting and developing the Hungarian capital market, as well as publicly promoting stock investments as the ambassador of the bourse, have all merited the Style in Business award.

The award was presented by Tamás Barna, Managing Director of Republic of Art.


Architect Gábor Zoboki.

For his work in developing architecture as an art form, and for his outstanding art activities in envisioning and carrying out the Palace of Arts, this grand cultural investment in Budapest with its own unique style.

The award was presented by Sándor Fegyverneky, deputy chair of the National Office of Home and Construction Affairs.


Mr. Gábor Gablini, Managing Director of Gablini Kft.

For his excellent business results and daring developments, which enabled his once modest business to become one of the leading Peugeot brand retailers in Europe, and also for his devotion to protecting the environment.

The award was presented by art critic András Réz.


The Budapest Business Journal, as the organizer of the Style in the City BBJ – Palazzo Dorottya Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony, and Palazzo Dorottya, as the main sponsor of the event, would like to preserve and expand the great atmosphere of the evening at its Style in the City Palazzo Dorottya – BBJ Wine & Jazz Club series of events, at dates and locations to be announced shortly to our esteemed guests.

Wine culture and jazz music have both re-emerged as key elements in metropolitan micro-culture. This series of events attempts to capture and mix these elements, while also providing an opportunity for casual entertainment and relaxed conversation.