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Tesco to compensate 220 drivers

Hypermarket chain Tesco is to recompense the company’s 220 drivers, many of whom filed wage claims last year over extra shifts Tesco has not yet paid.

In March, Tesco will pay all the drivers the due amounts three years back, the company announced. The aggregate could reach HUF 200 million.

Tesco added it pays the drivers HUF 60,000-65,000 more monthly, approximately 40% more than the industry average.

Tesco’s labor regulations have always been in line with pertinent legislation, the company stated in a press release in response to the accusations of the Trade Worker’s Independent Association (KDFSz), which represented some of the drivers. Tesco believes KDFSZ uses unethical methods to tarnish the chain’s reputation and it needs more members and media attention to increase its income. This assumption is justified by the fact, that 150 drivers have already separated themselves from KDFSZ, Tesco said.