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Tesco seeks tenants with billboards

UK-based retail chain operator Tesco has introduced a new method in order to find tenants in Hungary and is now advertising space on billboards as well, said Mónika Hackl, spokesperson of Tesco-Globál Áruházak Zrt.

It was not uncommon form the firm to post ads in local newspapers, however, the billboard variety is a new addition to the company’s range of methods.

Hackl was quick to point out that the campaigns are in every case conducted locally, in the proximity of Tesco outlets and are aimed at finding tenants for newly opening Tescos and not to replace leaving ones from already operational facilities.

The chain boasts 2,000 to 2,500 tenants in its national network as well as a fluctuation figure of 1% to 2%, below the market average, the spokesperson underlined. (Napi Gazdaság)