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Teradata to target Hungarian banks and telcos

Enterprise data warehouse and analytics company Teradata aims to expand on the Hungarian market, especially in the banking, telecommunications and government infrastructure sector. It also has some solutions up its sleeve for more effective tax collection.

Just as data warehouses’ role evolves from being strategic to being more action oriented, Teradata is presented new opportunities in the central and eastern European region as well, with Hungary as expansion base for the surrounding countries.

According to the company, banking and telecommunication companies are especially in need for better business intelligence solutions, they are highly competitive and form relatively mature markets. At Telenor, the company has already helped to become Telenor Hungary the center of intelligence for the worldwide group in business intelligence.

Teradata also eyes the government institutions as targets for introducing tailored data warehouse and analytics solutions. “By better analyzing data, fair shares of contribution could be set in tax collection,” Stephen Brobst cites an example of opportunities. The CTO of Teradata is convinced that the current practice of random selection of tax payers for review is ineffective and that analysis of data helps make more established policy decisions.

When asked if the current trend of being green has presented any business opportunities for Teradata, Brobst said at least one of the two perspectives - saving money or saving the environment - surely concerns companies, and can be approached even from the analytics point of view. At DHL, Teradata has already helped installing a carbon accounting system, but other players of the travel and transportation businesses could also be concerned, Brobst said. (BBJ)