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Telenor Magyarország revenue, EBITDA practically flat in Q4

Mobile telecommunications service provider Telenor Magyarország's fourth-quarter revenue edged up a little more than 1% to HUF 42 billion from the same period a year earlier, an announcement by the company on Wednesday shows. EBITDA inched down about 1% to HUF 11.7 billion. Telenor Magyarország said it paid HUF 2.4 billion on a recently introduced tax on telephone calls and text messages during the period. It paid another HUF 2.4 billion on a “crisis tax” levied on the telecom sector. The number of Telenor Magyarország subscribers grew by 62,000 to 3,521,000 in Q4 2012. The company's market share increased in both the mobile voice and mobile internet segments, to 31.78% and 30.13%, respectively. Average revenue per user rose to HUF 3,629 in Q4 2012 from HUF 3,577 in the same period a year earlier. The company spent HUF 2.35 billion on investments in Q4 2012 compared to HUF 8.75 billion in the base period.