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Telenor launches network modernizaton project

Telenor Hungary has commenced the country's most extensive network development project. Hungary's newest, LTE ready network will be established at a cost of €200 million and will be fully operational in 2012.

In the next two years, Telenor Hungary will replace about 6,000 base transceiver stations, resulting in an innovative and more efficiently operated network that basically has no capacity constraints. 

The €200 million deal (at catalogue price) requires some 300 people's work, about 150 employees of Telenor and the same number of employees of supplier ZTE will work on the project either part or full time, all accomodated in the Telenor house to ensure a smooth project execution.

"The current network is not capable of serving all the demand of today effectively," said György Koller, CTO of Telenor Hungary. "So the aim of the modernization is to increase consumer experience and Telenor's effectiveness by implementing a totally IP-based network at reasonable costs." Telenor expects the return on the investment in 2-3 years.

"It is a key project and a major investment for Telenor Hungary, and we are investing in the Hungarian market in the ambition to be a leader," said CEO Anders Jensen. "We have just concluded a similar project in Montenegro and we are confident it will successful here in Hungary as well," he added.

Telenor currently has 3.5 million active users and 320,000 mobile internet users. It's network includes about 6,000 stations on 2G and 3G technology and the company is already testing 4G or LTE network on field in Budapest.

"It is important to know that the next generation mobile broadband service can be offered only in case of certain regulatory requirements are met. For LTE, the 2600MHz and 800MHz frequencies will be used," Koller added. (BBJ)