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Telekomunikacja to pay fine after lowering prices

Telekomunikacja Polska SA, Poland's largest phone company, was fined 600,000 zloty ($202,000) after it lowered prices and changed terms of its Internet service without seeking permission from the country's regulator.

The regulator is fining Telekomunikacja for the second time this month, after penalizing the company 200,000 zloty for failing to notify it of changes in phone-call prices. The competition office is also mulling a 356 million-zloty (€91 million) charge for charging excessive fees to customers who subscribed to Telekomunikacja's Internet without fixed-line voice service. Today's decision was announced on the regulator's Web site. Warsaw-based Telekomunikacja said Q4 profit fell 21% to 381 million zloty (€97.45 million) after it cut prices amid tougher competition. The company, controlled by France Telecom SA, is being forced by Poland's regulator to cut fees and allow competitors access to its fixed-line and Internet network. (Bloomberg)