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Szentkirályi set sights on foreign markets

Hungarian mineral water company Szentkirályi is moving to purchase foreign mineral water companies and enter multinational status, owner Levente Balogh told online news portal Origo. Expansion would first include neighboring countries and then move to more distant locations. The company plans to keep the local brands and present Szentkirályi as a premium brand beyond Hungary.

Szentkirályi sold 150 million liters of mineral water in 2010 and Balogh said that he would be content if that number doubled within the next five to ten years. Furthermore, he wishes to increase the number of countries where the brand Szentkirályi is sold, to a total of 15-20 in future years - currently the company sells its brand in 10 countries.

Balogh's father, Sándor Balogh, first found the water supply near the town of Szentkirályi in the late 1980s. Levente Balogh then founded Szentkirályi Ásványvíz Kft in 2003. In 2004, Szentkirályi won the world's best mineral water award in "still" category at the Paris Aqua Expo.