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Swedish Elanders invests in Romania

Elanders AB plans a strategic start-up of operations in Romania together with Hansaprint Oy in order to supply customers in consumer electronics, the automotive industry and publishing in Eastern and Central Europe.

Swedish Elanders AB and Finnish Hansaprint Oy plan to establish a jointly owned production facility (50/50 joint venture) in an industrial park led by Nokia in located Cluj-Napoca in western Romania. The facility will primarily produce user documentation in large volumes with short lead times for the companies’ global customers within consumer electronics, publishing and the automotive industry. The unit is expected to open in the middle of 2008 and will be dimensioned to handle a turnover of around 200 million krona (about $31 million) with some 150 employees by the end of 2009.

Elanders and Hansaprint Oy have successfully run a JV for the past three years in Komárom in north-western Hungary for just-in-time deliveries to the companies’ customers in the area. “Our strategy is to work close to our customers and in particular support them with advanced graphic production and logistics so that they can grow in new markets. Eastern Europe is a very interesting market for us, and our customers and in addition, the companies will have access to another low cost country production resource. We have had an excellent collaboration with Hansaprint for years and Romania is a country with enormous possibilities for future expansion,” says Patrick Holm, President and CEO at Elanders. (press release)