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Suzuki plans no unscheduled production breaks

Magyar Suzuki, the Hungarian unit of Japanese car company Suzuki, is not planning to order unscheduled breaks in production at the company's plant in Esztergom (N Hungary) despite falling demand and a slight drop in its 2008 production forecast.

Magyar Suzuki Deputy CEO László Urban told Világgazdaság that the company reduced the number of cars it expects to assemble in 2008 from the previously projected 298,00 to 290,000. This reduction does not justify, however, the plant to cease production for even a few days, he said.

Magyar Suzuki Communications Director Viktória Ruska told MTI in early October that the company had recorded a drop in demand as a result of the global financial crisis.

Urbán told the daily Világgazdaság that Magyar Suzuki had not recorded a considerable decline in export orders through early February of next year. Exports account for 90% of the Magyar Suzuki's production, Világgazdaság wrote.

Magyar Suzuki increased production 33% yr/yr to 149,438 vehicles during the first six months of 2008, exporting 137,173 of these vehicles, the newspaper reported.

Magyar Suzuki generated export revenue of Ft 474.7 billion (€1.87 billion) in 2007 and Ft 289 billion in the first six months of the year, the paper wrote.

Urbán noted that the company would take its customary five-workday production break around Christmas. (MTI – Econews)